Soy lecithin Non-GMO Hard IP


IMCOPA is a Non-GMO Hard IP and GM lecithin manufacturer with production sites in the state of Paraná in the southern region of Brazil. Lecithin production first began in the early 1990s and has accumulated extensive amount of experience over time. For many years customers worldwide have enjoyed using IMCOPA’s high quality lecithins.

Strong partnerships are established in the last years with Indian lecithin manufacturers that provide us with high quality Indian Non-GMO lecithins.


Packaging and Storage

The majority of our Non-GMO lecithin is stored at our storage & packing facility in the port of Rotterdam. IMCOPA ships its lecithin from Brazil and India to Rotterdam via cost-efficient bulk transportation. In Rotterdam IMCOPA uses state of the art packaging facility for final packaging. IMCOPA's packing facility is approved by world leading infant formula manufacturers.

Standard packaging includes:

• bulk by truck or iso-container (5-28 MT)
• 1000kg IBCs
• 200kg drums
• 25kg pails

Although our lecithin is of a high quality, this can be additional treated with hydrogen peroxide at customer request.

Due to its setup in Rotterdam, efficient logistics and strong professional partners allong the supply chain, IMCOPA can provide superior lead times for deliveries in bulk and packed material for customers globally.



IMCOSOY ® LEC is used in a great diversity of applications from chocolate, confectionary, bakery, margarine, infant formula, health and dairy foods to animal feed. 


Global Technical Support

IMCOPA service means technical support and short lead times based on a service partner network in all global regions. The company’s extensive experience in the field of lecithin provides for excellent customer service and assistance.



For more information about IMCOPA’s high quality IMCOSOY® LEC and our worldwide network of agents/distributors, please contact us via the contact information form and we will be in touch with you.