Feed proteins


Imcopa is market leader in certified Non-GMO, identity preserved (IP) soy meals worldwide. Crushing plants are located in the State of Paraná in Southern Brazil. The production process involves the traditional hexane extraction dehulled or including hulls. IMCOSOY meals have a protein content levels of at least 46% or 48%. The variation depends on how much fiber is removed in the process. The residual of oil after extraction is low, at most 1% but typically less, allowing for the industrial user to select what type of fat to use in his feed formulas, if any.

IMCOPA looks back at an extensive experience in supplying to the Scandinavian market with its strict legal requirements on salmonella. Low microbiological activity comes in helpful when the aim is to reduce use of antibiotics in pork and poultry production.

Soy meal applications

Typical applications are for dairy cow, pig and poultry feed. It can also be used for further processing towards certain food applications. 

Soy meals

The range of protein levels offered is 46 to 48 % with the variation in fibre content. All specifications come certified Non-GMO, and, if requested, ProTerra (Basel Criteria) fully documented IP.


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In the year 2005 IMCOPA began its production of soy protein concentrate, like all IMCOPA's produced soy products it is also non GMO, IP-certified and available with the ProTerra sustainability certification.

In this product the protein content is higher than in normal soy meal: It extends from 62% up to 70% on a dry-matter basis. The production process is a water-ethanol extraction of the carbohydrates thus increasing the relative amount of protein. The water/alcohol also break down undesired substances that are present in soy. Besides the higher protein content, the main benefit of these concentrates are the lower levels of anti nutritional factors like trypsin inhibitors, glycinin, B-conglycinin, oligosacharides, saponins, and lectins. 

Soy protein concentrate applications

IMCOSOY concentrates are suited for use in formulas for sensitive young animals like piglets,  calves and carnivore fishes. It is also very suitable for pet food application. Aqua culture customers demand concentrate products due to its protein level and low levels of Anti Nutritional Factors.  


For more information about IMCOPA’s high quality IMCOSOY® SPC, please contact us via the contact information form.